Gorham Engineering Services

Gorham Engineering Services team has senior industry professionals with a cumulative experience of more than 60 years. We have specialized expertise includes unique knowledge of N-REN small-scale ammonia plants, in-house engineering and construction supported by on-site manufacturing capabilities combined with a dedicated QA/QC staff to meet all ASME specs.


Assuring Quality at Every Step

Today’s industrial plants are subject to the strictest regulations and standards. Through the expertise of our on-site quality assurance and quality control staff, we assure quality throughout the entire process. Our QA/QC experts have vast knowledge and experience gained over decades to confirm the quality of all materials, structures, components and systems utilized in the construction, manufacturing and operation of your industrial facilities. Whether refurbishing a plant or constructing a new one, our QA/QC service is also available on a single-service basis to companies who require this expertise on their projects.


Manufacturing Excellence, In-House

From the ground up, we manufacture all replacement components for micro-plants in order to meet all required standards and specifications. Our new, in-house manufacturing warehouse is capable of manufacturing all piping, skids and vessels to carry fluids at high pressures and temperatures, plus other critical items related to industrial plants. Our manufacturing excellence also extends beyond these items to converting older analogue control systems into new and efficient state-of-the-art digital control systems.


Constructing the Future

Starting with the foundation of your industrial plant up to its roof, count on the Gorham Group’s in-house construction crew to do it all. Overseen by our Senior Construction Manager, our expert construction crew handles all civil construction work as well as all mechanical erection, welding, fabrication, electrical wiring for micro-plants. Our highly experienced people have expertly handled dozens of micro-plant constructions, which translates into engineering solutions that are as cost-effective as they are productive.


Renewing Productivity

At Gorham Group, we are experts at bringing aging micro-plants that aren’t up to today’s standards back to life and up-to-spec. We draw on our manufacturing capabilities to assure you benefit from new components that meet all standards and regulations, and support our offerings with highly thorough and precise QA/QC service. What’s more, we offer the services of a dedicated Project Manager to oversee all aspects of the refurbishment process and back our work with expert QA/QC service.

A Focus on Cost Effectiveness

At Gorham Group, our mission is to ensure cost effectiveness extends throughout the entire process. To that point, we offer lower upfront costs. We minimize change orders. And provide low contingencies. In addition, our global partners enable us to produce plant components cost effectively and pass these savings on to our clients.

Safety Above All

Of all we do, safety is the most critical component of our daily activities. We enable our employees to fulfill that responsibility by providing the appropriate training, equipment and work environment.

In addition to working to the highest safety standards, our goal is to also be a leader in environmental performance. Wherever we operate, we maintain the highest ethical and corporate responsibility in the industry encouraging participation and active support to the communities in which we conduct our business.


Project Completion December 2017

With major construction beginning to slow down a bit at the Fortigen fertilizer plant, GorhamGroup Industrial hosted a 250,000 Manhour without Accident or Incident celebration over the lunch hour on Friday, July 7, at the plant lunchroom in northeast Geneva.

The 10-month safe work period was celebrated with a catered lunch by Jill’s Sweet Shop of Geneva, giveaways and a brief talk by Harold Jackson, director of construction with GorhamGroup Industrial, and Fortigen President Josh Westling. More than 120 workers and Fortigen executives attended the event.

Our engineers go beyond solving the problem to helping the client’s business excel, cost effectively. From concept to completion, our staff of knowledgeable professionals and technicians brings their vast engineering experience to every project. To ensure the best results, we use advanced technology tools and software to calculate design and execute all projects. Whether it’s civil engineering, mechanics, electrical engineering, or Instrumentation and controls, we can provide tailor made engineering packages to suit your specific needs, and budget.